Sunday, 22 July 2012

Accucraft Ruby Live Steam Locomotive

This is Accucraft’s Ruby Live Steam locomotive. I bought it in a kit form and after I construct it straight out of the box it was obvious that the model was screaming for some extra work to make it look more realistic. Ruby is suitable model for kit bushing and this is one of the reasons I bought it. Modellers all around the world have made beautiful and interesting models out of it.
First modification was to install a brass jacket around the boiler and by using chemicals make it look old and well used. In my case ‘’Birchwood Casey Brass Black’’ sprayed with an old badger airbrush representing that worn and rusty effect. Underneath the brass jacket I put two pieces of glass fibber using it more like a spacer rather than heat insulator since it is only 08mm thick.
Next was the cabin in which i applied wooden planks. I age it using ‘‘Weather-it’’ a chemical that ages wood but i also used oil paints in shadows of black, green, yellow etc. A new extra long roof was made out of aluminium sheet and covered with thin brass sheet.
I discard the original side water tanks and put wooden side walks.1mm brass rivets from scale hardware gave some extra appearance to the model. Also new bumpers made from solid wood replaced the original ones and that gave a little extra to the model appearance. In an attempt to excuse the pretty high price of my new toy i rename it from Ruby to Christine, that’s right, wife’s name and looks like it worked. Templates are photo etched custom made from narrowplanet of UK. Besides the name plates i put builders plates on the smoke box sides and a number plate at the smoke box door. I have attached all photo etched with rivets.
Last but not list the installation of summerland's chuffer, i was a little skeptical about this before i tried it but maybe is the best add on you can do at your Ruby, it improves the sound by 100%, specially when engine is under heavy load and at low speeds.