Wednesday, 21 November 2012

F-104 G Starfighter Hellenic Air Force

I build this model back in 2001, it is Hasegawa's 1/48 scale F-104 G Starfighter painted at Hellenic air force colours. I used Eduard's photo etch set for the interior and drag chute, part of the Engine, hydraulic bay, and RAT generator are scratch build. Ofcourse today there are plenty of resin and photo etch sets on the market as well as a very good decal sheet with all the appropriate stencils for a Greek aircraft. The Starfighter entered Greek service in April 1964 and finish it's carrier  in March 1993.

Red and white paint under Vietnam camouflage betrays it's previous identity. FG-7409 is acctually ex-Marineflieger 26 63 painted in gloss blue white and red color.

Hydraulic bay door and part of the J-79 engine are scratch build. Parachute hatch came from Eduard photo etch set.
Bullpup missile is from an old Monogram kit all its wings replaced from thin plastic.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Accucraft Ruby Live Steam Locomotive

This is Accucraft’s Ruby Live Steam locomotive. I bought it in a kit form and after I construct it straight out of the box it was obvious that the model was screaming for some extra work to make it look more realistic. Ruby is suitable model for kit bushing and this is one of the reasons I bought it. Modellers all around the world have made beautiful and interesting models out of it.
First modification was to install a brass jacket around the boiler and by using chemicals make it look old and well used. In my case ‘’Birchwood Casey Brass Black’’ sprayed with an old badger airbrush representing that worn and rusty effect. Underneath the brass jacket I put two pieces of glass fibber using it more like a spacer rather than heat insulator since it is only 08mm thick.
Next was the cabin in which i applied wooden planks. I age it using ‘‘Weather-it’’ a chemical that ages wood but i also used oil paints in shadows of black, green, yellow etc. A new extra long roof was made out of aluminium sheet and covered with thin brass sheet.
I discard the original side water tanks and put wooden side walks.1mm brass rivets from scale hardware gave some extra appearance to the model. Also new bumpers made from solid wood replaced the original ones and that gave a little extra to the model appearance. In an attempt to excuse the pretty high price of my new toy i rename it from Ruby to Christine, that’s right, wife’s name and looks like it worked. Templates are photo etched custom made from narrowplanet of UK. Besides the name plates i put builders plates on the smoke box sides and a number plate at the smoke box door. I have attached all photo etched with rivets.
Last but not list the installation of summerland's chuffer, i was a little skeptical about this before i tried it but maybe is the best add on you can do at your Ruby, it improves the sound by 100%, specially when engine is under heavy load and at low speeds.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

VW van Type 1 1944 Wehrmacht tractor.

This is Hasegawa 1/24 scale VW van converted to Wehrmacht general use tractor. Only 12 of those build for the needs of German army in the late 1944 but they never got into mass production...Note for those taking things seriously... this is a what if model.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Tamiya Sand Scorcher SRB restoration

Here is my Tamiya 1/10 SRB Sand Scorcher. I collect it piece by piece and spend a little fortune to restored it just before Tamiya’s decision to re-release it to celebrate the 30 years of the original release .

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Playmobil 3551 rc first sea trial

Finally I finish it today and the first sea trial went really smooth. I noticed that it handles better with the throttle at one third rather than at full speed, it just consumes power and making noise. Steering at reverse is really poor. Notice the key-chain camera at the top of the roof.

And here is a video, at 04:21 Propeller got a plastig bag and i had some trouble to bring it close to me.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Playmobil 3551 fischkutter rc conversion

Here is the radio gear installation. The 10$ esc comes from 'rcmodelpart' rated at 20Amps with reverse, is made for 1/18 rc cars and works great. Servo is hi-tech HS-55. Six AA batteries installed at the frond and mid for better balance.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Playmobil 3551 RC conversion

I have started the installation of the motor, shaft and rudder. Everything it attached with wood sticks and glued with epoxy glue. I also turned a small aluminium oil tank for shaft lubrication. The propeller is made of brass from Raboesh p/n: 147-10, 30mm diameter but it can also take a max of 35mm propeller. I made the prop look old using ''Blacken-it'' and ''Patina-it'', those are chemicals specially made for metal/brass weathering. The hull color is Humbrol Crimson No. 20 spray can.